Developing the modern SOC analyst: A report on 360 upskilling


The rampant talent and skills shortage in cybersecurity is arguably most notable in SOC teams. Demand for security analysts alone is expected to be 150% higher than the average growth projected for all occupations. 

To support SOC professionals and leaders on the frontlines of security, our research uncovers the most sought-after skills for the modern analyst. Survey insights also reveal a shift in how today’s professionals plan their careers between offensive and defensive cybersecurity roles. 




What you’ll learn about:

  • The fundamental skills that set the foundation for today’s analysts, as voted by different tiers of the SOC (including incident responders, threat detection specialists, and SOC managers).

  • Which skills are considered the most important over the next five years for analysts.

  • How security leaders can address burnout and talent shortages with upskilling programs that support the career goals of defensive security professionals.