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The only thing worse than a machine breaking down is a malicious hacker breaking in, and with Hack The Box, you can prepare for the avoidable by securing your processes and empowering your team. With Hack The Box’s cutting-edge skills development and hacking challenges, you can ensure your team has the expertise needed to navigate the cyber threat landscape with confidence.

$2 million

the average cost of a ransom payment made by production organizations


of manufacturing companies don’t have a documented disaster recovery plan


of manufacturing and production organizations were hit by ransomware in 2021

Why Hack The Box

Hack The Box has helped hundreds of manufacturing teams defend against real-world threats through virtual penetration testing labs, hands-on skills development, and guided educational modules. See how we can do the same for you.

Learn how the VP of Cybersecurity at Toyota Motor North America has increased red and blue team collaboration using HTB Dedicated and BlackSky Cloud Labs!


Build a culture of cybersecurity

HTB Academy for Business allows you to upskill your team while equipping them with the latest tools and techniques needed to tackle the cybersecurity challenges faced by manufacturing organizations around the world.

Using browser-based technology and interactive content for all skill levels, we’ve combined theory and practice so you can assess, refine, and certify your team’s skills. In addition, you can monitor team activity, track progress, and align course material to specific skill sets, HTB certifications, and job roles.

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Stay ahead of evolving threats

HTB’s virtual Dedicated Labs give your team an isolated environment to work freely and safely on real-world cyber security challenges without any risk to your organization’s network. And with more than 600 machines and challenges to choose from, this fully customizable private lab environment allows you to focus on the content that matters most.

The complete flexibility of HTB Dedicated Labs allows each user to spawn their own personal instance and find their way through without interfering with other team members. Added features include advanced filtering as well as fully documented tutorials to guide lab users through each challenge.

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Reduce financial and reputational risk

Don’t wait for a cyber incident to occur to determine if your team can protect your organization’s most critical assets. Instead, give them the opportunity to test their skills and apply their knowledge to realistic scenarios in HTB’s Professional Lab environment.

Featuring multi-layered exercises and a variety of corporate attack types, your team will practice attacking enterprise infrastructures in a gamified environment with points, badges, and leaderboards. And as your team enjoys a seamless user experience, they’ll also have the ability to rotate between labs designed for all skill levels and backgrounds.

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Create cloud security experts

With the increased reliance on technology and the growing complexity of manufacturing networks, it’s more important than ever for teams to have the skills needed to protect assets and sensitive data from cybercriminals. With HTB’s BlackSky Cloud Labs, identifying vulnerabilities and securing your infrastructure has never been easier.

Featuring a variety of scenarios focused on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure technologies, your team will practice exploiting common cloud vulnerabilities while developing the skills needed to mitigate risks. BlackSky labs also include common attack paths seen in real cloud environments, multi-level scenarios, and total flexibility for teams of all sizes and locations.

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Host realistic hacking competitions

Challenge your team to work together and solve complex security problems with HTB Capture The Flag and Hacking Battleground competitions. These fun-fueled tabletop exercises are realistic and customizable, allowing your team to learn on-the-job skills while engaging in friendly competition.

It’s not all fun and games though. As your team progresses through cutting-edge hacking content, you can see live updates for each challenge submission and update in the competition. At the conclusion of your event, a detailed after-action report and brief is provided so you can see how your team performed.

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Take control of your cyber preparednesss

The growing use of digital technologies has drastically increased the exposure to cyber threats for the manufacturing industry. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to have a team equipped with the skills and resources needed to protect what your business can’t afford to lose.

Manufacturing teams from around the world recently took the opportunity to assess their own attack preparedness in the 2022 Hack The Box Business CTF. To learn more about how manufacturing teams performed, you can download our full Cyber Attack Readiness report below.

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