Safeguard your systems and patient data with confidence

Don’t leave the safety of your patients’ data to chance. Equip your team with the tools and techniques needed to proactively identify and respond to cyber threats using Hack The Box’s practical upskilling solutions and tailored training designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations.



increase in cyberattacks on healthcare organizations in 2022.

$10.1 million

the average cost of a data breach in the healthcare industry.


of healthcare organizations experienced an attack on their cloud infrastructure in 2022.

Why Hack The Box

Hack The Box’s unified suite of upskilling tools have given healthcare teams around the world the skills necessary to protect critical systems and patient data from cyber threats.

Develop focused cybersecurity skills

HTB Academy for Business combines theory and practice using browser-based technology and interactive content for all skill levels. Our guided platform and role-based cybersecurity skills development gives your team the opportunity to focus their training on the areas that matter most.

With total flexibility and structured educational content, you can monitor team activity, assign coursework, and track progress. In addition, we’re proud to offer offensive, defensive, and general cybersecurity content, all mapped to the NIST NICE and MITRE ATT&CK frameworks.

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Safely practice in private lab environments

HTB’s virtual Dedicated Labs give your team a fully customizable and secure lab environment to practice on more than 600 machines and challenges. Content highlighting the latest vulnerabilities and misconfigurations is added every week, ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date practical training available.

Added features include advanced filtering to help choose labs based on difficulty, OS, protocol, attack path or even language as well as fully documented tutorials to guide lab users through each challenge.

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Dive into enterprise attack simulations

HTB’s Professional Lab allow your team to practice penetrating real-world enterprise infrastructures using multi-layered exercises and a variety of corporate attack types. With eight scenarios available and full control of your training lab, your team will enjoy a seamless user experience as they rotate between labs designed for all skill levels and backgrounds.

Our dedicated VPN gateway will ensure your team’s privacy as they explore a fully gamified environment with points, badges, ranks, and leaderboards. And once your team has perfected their comprehensive cybersecurity abilities, they can certify their skills with a certificate of completion.

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Exploit common cloud vulnerabilities

With HTB’s BlackSky Cloud Labs, you no longer have to worry about the security of your cloud-based Electronic Health Records or real-time clinical data. Featuring a variety of scenarios focused on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure technologies, your team can focus on developing the skills needed to mitigate risks and protect your most sensitive data.

BlackSky labs have also been built to include common attack paths seen in real cloud environments, multi-level scenarios, an in-depth skills assessment, and total flexibility for teams of all sizes and locations.

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Learn while completing gamified challenges

Upskilling your team has never been easier or more fun than with Hack The Box Capture The Flag and Hacking Battleground competitions. Whether you choose curated hacking content from a variety of HTB Machines and Challenges or submit your own, your event can be tailored to meet your team’s individual needs.

As your team dives into real-world scenarios on our user-friendly web app, you can see live updates for each challenge submission and update in the competition. And at the conclusion of your event, a detailed after-action report and brief is provided so you can see how your team performed.

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Stay ahead of evolving threats

In the age of modern technology, and in a post-COVID world, healthcare organizations are searching for ways to safely treat their patients while extending their services beyond physical locations. With this comes a growing number of threats against medical groups and a lack of resources trained to protect the data threat actors are trying to access.

In fact, many healthcare teams demonstrated poor cyber readiness in our recent Business Capture The Flag competition, which featured more than 657 teams around the globe who submitted 1,856 flags across 33 challenges.

To learn more about how healthcare teams performed during our 2022 Business CTF, you can download our full Cyber Attack Readiness report below.

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