Hack The Box named a global leader in Cybersecurity Skills and Training Platforms.

In a first for the Cybersecurity Skills and Training segment, Forrester evaluated nine platforms based on the strengths of their current offering, strategy and market presence. 

After their analysis, Forrester named Hack The Box a global leader in Cybersecurity Skills and Training Platforms, indicating 'Firms in need of an engaging, cost-effective platform with a supportive and integrated community should seek out Hack The Box'.

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It’s time to evaluate the platform with ‘Superior Capabilities Compared to Others’

5 things you will learn in this report:

  1. Which vendors are Leaders and which criteria they are best at.
  2. You will see how Hack The Box leads in Gamification.
  3. You will learn how Hack The Box has the best Learner Experience and Adoption.
  4. Which vendor has the best Curriculum management (spoiler alert - it's HTB!).
  5. Which of the three Leaders has the most compelling vision according to Forrester (ok - it's us again!).

“Its superior roadmap includes additional supply chain and AI security content and exercises, multitenancy capabilities, and live-fire exercises.”

Team Benchmarking & GAP Analysis

Benchmarking is only where the journey starts.

Creating elite performing cyber teams is difficult. Maintaining elite performing cyber teams is even harder. This is why our unique approach to cyber skill development uses engaging methods like CTF events to assess and understand your team's current capabilities. On top of this, we map against industry-recognized frameworks such as NIST-NICE and MITRE ATT&CK to create a 360 degree picture on your team's abilities.

Using these key findings is where the magic really happens. By putting these insights into action, we can help you create tailored hands-on learning paths which close skill gaps and help your team earn certifications that prove expertise.

Learn why Forrester gave Hack The Box top marks in Skills Assessment and Verification as well as Training Assessment & Curriculum Management among other key use cases.

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Why Hack The Box is considered a leader by Forrester.

Discover the pillars of a successful continuous cyber development program.

Enterprise cyber resilience is built on the foundations of its people. Those foundations are strengthened through a cyber skills platform which offers market leading experiences built on these pillars:

  • Skills Assessment and Verification
  • Gamification, Competition & Recognition
  • Learner Experience and Adoption
  • Training Assessment & Curriculum Management

Learn more why these pillars are essential to any Cyber Skills and Development program by downloading the Forrester Wave ™ : Cybersecurity Skills and Training Platforms.