It's time to move beyond traditional cyber training.
It's time to maximise your cyber teams capabilities.
It's time to move at the speed of cyber.
(Now that’s real performance.)

Improve your team’s performance with a platform which unites human capabilities and business objectives

Bake in a security culture which empowers cyber professionals to be the best they can be. Everyday.

Give your cyber professionals clear career path programs. Allow your cyber leaders to harness the power of retention strategies which fight burnout, fatigue and remove skill gaps.

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A platform for the entire security organization. Not just your red team.

Hack The Box's extensive world class content is designed to take your whole security organization to the next level, from your SOC and beyond.


Put your people back into people, processes and technology.

Security organizations have long over indexed on technology, chasing the next silver bullet. It's time to remember the most valued (and largest expense on any enterprise budget) the people.


See how we're helping thousands of organizations like Toyota, PWC and Standard Chartered overcome cyber performance challenges like these.


Improve technical onboarding
& talent development

Navigate cybersecurity talent development,
from onboarding to career growth.


Benchmark team capability
& analyze skill gaps

Assess the performance, skills, and effectiveness of a cybersecurity team against industry standards or best practices.


Emerging threats and tactic response preparation

Proactively shield your systems with strategic response planning


Real-time breach and crisis simulation

Test your organizational security performance and see how your staff reacts under pressure.


Internal and external candidate assessment

Attract and retain top cybersecurity talent in this competitive market.


Code vulnerability identification and risk mitigation

Empower developers as the vanguard of your security efforts.


Governance and awareness for CISOs or Technical Leaders

Discover how a performance-based mindset
can optimize governance and risk assessment.

Find out how focussing on your teams performance can help you and your organization transition efficiently to a greater, more robust security posture.

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