Cyber Attack Readiness
Report 2023

Identifying areas of weakness is vital for corporate security teams to succeed.

To help businesses measure cyber attack readiness, we analyzed performance data from the 982 corporate security teams and 5,117 professionals who participated in our global CTF competition. HTB Business CTF: The Great Escape featured over 30 hacking challenges based on the live threat landscape covering areas such as forensics, blockchain, cloud, and more.

In addition to performance data from the CTF event, this report combines insights from a separate user survey of 803 active cybersecurity professionals in the HTB user base. 



What you’ll learn about:

  • Lessons from testing 982 corporate teams and 5,117 security professionals with enterprise-grade security challenges.

  • Overall industry performance across different technologies, including Web 3.0, cloud, forensics, and SCADA.

  • Survey insights from 803 cybersecurity professionals on how to better motivate security teams, measure skills development, and prevent burnout.