Cyber attack readiness
report 2022

Dive into unique insights collected from testing 657 corporate teams and 2,979 cybersecurity professionals in key industries (including tech, finance, and government) with over 1,800 cybersecurity challenges based on real-world vulnerabilities.

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What you’ll learn about:

  • Three critical steps that forward-thinking cybersecurity leaders of today must take to cultivate a capable, attack-ready culture and improve employee engagement

  • Overall industry performance across eight key cybersecurity challenge categories (including cloud, crypto, web, forensics, hardware, and more) 

  • How each industry performed when tested with various cybersecurity technologies, vulnerabilities, and threat types 

  • Which technologies most companies struggled with and excelled at 

  • The increasing number of cyber attacks on organizations and their financial ramifications

For the first time, Hack The Box is sharing new industry-specific cybersecurity insights from our annual HTB Business CTF event, the largest free CTF event championed by corporate teams across the globe.