Become an HTB Subject Matter Expert

Hack The Box Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are our go-to team for specialist insights on editorial content.

Being part of the HTB SME club means you'll be on an exclusive list to provide insights and quotes.

What’s an HTB SME?

Academy modules and labs are developed by security professionals, for security professionals. And our editorial content is no different. 

The HTB SME program takes this expert-led, community-first approach to another level!

Provide quotes
Your insights will be featured in blogs, reports, newsletters, and more! 

Share your experience 
Share your experience across an exciting range of topics—from mastering Active Directory fundamentals to navigating new regulations in cyber. 

Speak up!
Speak about your career on webinars, panel discussions, or interviews.

SME perks

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Reach a huge audience

Speak to the HTB community with over 2.7 million members.

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Meet other SMEs and expand your professional network.

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Gain recognition

Gain shoutouts on our content including your name, position, and LinkedIn profile.

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Share experiences

Use your voice and our platform to speak about your experiences.

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Help others

Help other cybersecurity professionals in their careers. 

Who can become an HTB SME?

Each and every SME application will be vetted by our team. Expect to hear back from us within a week.

Head of infosec/infosec manager

Blue team operator/manager

Red team operator/manager

SOC analyst



Minimum of one year of cybersecurity experience required

SME opportunities

As a cybersecurity professional, you’re busy, and we get that! So, we wanted to make our expectations clear before you sign up.

Here are some potential collaborations:

Industry news
Provide us with quotes on developments in the cybersecurity industry for HTB and PR opportunities. 

Career advice
Share insights on your experience to help with our blog guides.

Celebrate your wins
Add your cybersecurity wins of the month to our ThreatReady newsletter.

Speaking opportunities
Contribute to our webinars and panel discussions, sharing your unique insights.